'Boring' Products Deserve Entertaining Campaigns

TonerPartner’s campaign is a prime example of performance marketing being assisted by a brand campaign.

Because no matter how great a brand campaign is, it won’t make you buy a toner, if you don’t need to replace it.

But once your toner runs out and you start googling a replacement, brand awareness creates trust, which lowers your CPA.

Proof that it works is in increase in web visits (+95% in Czechia and +208% in Slovakia) after our campaign’s launch, but also in sales volume growth by 53% for Czechia and 124% in Slovakia.

In 2023 TonerPartner went ahead with a brand redesign and tasked us with upgrading their communication to better reflect the new and improved CI and business strategy.

The mascot Tony transformed into a 3D character with colorful hair that brings lightning-fast solutions to problems with office equipment. So fast that he turns into a colorful blur.

All in all, we’ve successfully linked everything with our previous communication concept that worked for TonerPartner well for the previous 3 years. 👇👇👇