Bloom Robbins

Hair: Beautiful, Campaign Effect: Even More Beautiful

Bloom Robbins, the premium supplements brand, approached us with perfectly mastered use of social media an influencer marketing. But for further growth they needed to expand their market potential, unlocking new customers who were unreachable by the combined effort of influencers, Instagram, and Facebook.

Picture perfect situation for a bold product/brand campaign.

The client was brave enough to approve the weirdest of all presented concepts: a mesmerizing animation style supported by a striking audio track. That this was the right choice is documented by users’ comments how they can’t get the song out of their head, but also by data: on YouTube an unbelievable 98% of viewers watch the skippable 30 second Bloom Robbins ad all the way to the end.

Upon airing the campaign in Slovakia and Czech Republic on TV (sponsorship), via text messages, online (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, banners, newsletter) received a 170% boost in MoM new visitors. And thanks to the campaign’s activation part this boost translated into revenue with virtually same conversion rates as with regular customers.